Who needs 100 followers in 2023?

Apparently, We All Need 100 Followers

Judah Owolabi
2 min readFeb 2, 2023
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Hey guys, I started writing on Medium on “January 13” cause I just wanted to see my name online. I have been seeing this type of article on medium about people who need 100 followers in fact I created a similar article like this last year, and I want to write it again for people who did not see it cause at that time I didn’t have much following but now I think I can reach more people to help them.

Write now I have about 1.5k followers and I think that is pretty cool in less than 11 months. This is a pic of a month after I started my medium journey and looking for how to grow my following.

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I’m guessing anyone reading this is fairly like-minded and that you want to gain 100 followers. So I’m going to make it plain and simple.

Here’s the deal

When we all come together to make this happen it will surely happen.

. First, comment on this article ( If you can’t think of anything to say, then just put ‘Help me gain 100 followers and I’ll return the favor’)

. Next, follow me so I can easily follow you back as soon as possible.

. After that, clap on this article as many times as you can so this article gets out there, and more people read it, leading to your comment being viewed by more people.

. Finally, please be a good human being and follow back anyone who follows you, this article is supposed to help one another, and that doesn’t really work if you don’t return the favor.

Good luck hitting 100 followers! 🙂

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